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Part 2: Use Your Home to Support Your Family’s Back to School Transition : Workspaces!

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Whenever you’re switching up a routine (or creating a new habit!) take advantage of your home environment to help support you along the way. This month we’re sharing some of our favorite focus areas in your home that can help support you as you make the transition to all the back-to-school activities! (missed part 1? Find it here!)

Creating Home Work Spaces:

We all know when there’s school, there’s also homework. So an intentional, functional and beautiful workspace in your home will be a game-changer for you and your family. This could be an at-home work area for you, or a homework space for your kids, or both! You will love the peace that comes with having designated, zoned areas for all things work/school. Design it intentionally once with systems in place that serve you, and you won’t have to think about it again. There it is- your home as a secret weapon, supporting you in everyday life!

The Kids’ Homework Space:

Creating a successful study/homework space for your kids can be simple! Here’s what you need:

  • Main work space, typically a desk or table. Consider how your child likes to work- it might be different than a traditional desk and chair sometimes. Maybe they like to work standing (standing desk or counter would be great for this), or maybe they read their books from a bean bag chair. No matter what their work style though, you’ll benefit from some kind of desk or table space to be able to spread things out when needed. Bonus, this can also be a space used for crafts, legos and other play besides school.
  • A cabinet, drawers or shelves + baskets to keep supplies. Any combination of these is super helpful! First make a list of what supplies you’d like to keep on hand- this will vary with the age of your kids and will change as they grow, so design your system accordingly! If you’re short on space, look up! Install some wall shelves above your workspace and add baskets to store your supplies with out using up precious floor area. Rolling file drawers underneath the table also work well.
  • Lighting. My favorite place to work is in natural light, but as the days grow shorter you’ll need to consider a task light of some kind. Desk lamps or wall mounted sconce lamps can work great for this and don’t have to add a lot of cost. Make sure the space your kids are working in has plenty of light to help them stay focused.
  • Extras. Are just that, extra. If you have space for a comfy chair and reading lamp, add that. If you need extra craft storage, this would be a great place to put it if you have room. You could designate a home library space with fun shelving and organize it rainbow- Home Edit style. Get creative here and really tailor this space to your kids and their interests!

The Parent’s Home Office:

That’s right, follow the exact same steps above that you did for the kids and gather your needed items! See, this doesn’t have to be hard, right? If you want even more help with designing YOUR home office space, check out these resources, including our free guide all about designing your home office space, and our free guide with small space home office hacks.

Wishing you a school year filled with peace, love and beautiful spaces in your home to support you!

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