we combine creativity, practicality +

efficient processes

to create your real-life dream home


We do design differently by combining clear + efficient processes with creative design solutions, and we have a whole lot of fun doing it!

We believe that:

Design is personal
Synergy between you and your designer is a must. Trust + Teamwork makes the dream work!
Your home is an extension of your family life and must stand up to actual daily USE!
A beautiful home that serves  your needs will improve your daily life.
A thoughtful, intentional plan creates design magic.

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Hi, I’m Amy Pottenger!


Principal Designer, Mom, Partner, Shameless Dog Lover, Travel enthusiast, Aspiring Podcaster, Visionary Idea Maven

Shortly after I finished design school I realized that it was my ultimate dream to start my own studio with the mission to show you how your home design can improve your daily life.

A refreshing approach to design was born- one involving lots of style- minus the attitude, a combo of real life practicality with everyday approachable beauty, all wrapped up in environmental psychology to deliver a home space that is unmistakably YOU.

My hope is that as we work together, bringing positive change to your home environment, you will also be empowered to create positive change that spills out into all areas of your life!

ready for a home that
supports your life?