Your Home

as a catalyst


Living Room

No matter where you live,
your environment affects you, good or bad.

It can be a hindrance to your success, or a catalyst for success. You get to choose.

A beautiful, functional home (no matter what the budget) will:


Renew Your Soul


Create a Safe Space for Your Family


Empower You to Live Life at Your Best

It’s my privilege to be your guide on that journey.

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Hi, I’m Amy Pottenger!


I'm excited to help you design a home you love so you can quit with the stress already and finally have a home that helps you flourish in business + in life!

Just like you I hold many roles- some of which are mom, wife, and business owner. I’m also an award-winning interior designer and it lights me up to show you how your home design affects your quality of living.

My clients inspire the designs I create, I love learning about your family, aesthetic and lifestyle and then incorporating design solutions to support the way you live, with practicality and beauty.

My work is about much more than creating pretty rooms – I see your home environment is a vital tool that can help you:

  • Achieve your health goals
  • Realize your purpose + create wealth
  • Grow in Love for yourself and your partner
  • Meaningfully connect with those you care about most

By focusing on bringing positive change to your home environment, you’ll create positive energy that envelops all areas of your life, and that is why I love what I do.

When I'm not designing dream homes, running my empowered home course or holding design intensives, you can find me on the shores of Lake Michigan in the summer, laughing with my family and friends, reading a great book or listening to podcasts with 2 pugs on my lap and traveling wherever I can!

ready for a home that
supports your life?