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Amy Pottenger

Founder + Principal Designer

Amy Pottenger is an award winning interior designer specializing in residential properties in Grand Rapids, Michigan and beyond. With nearly two decades of experience leading her design studio, Amy has been transforming spaces since 2005, from new construction homes to large scale renovation projects.

Amy holds a BFA from Kendall College of Art & Design and is certified as a true color expert. She actively participates in organizations like the Professional Women in Building Council and the Grand Rapids Home Builders Association. As a sought-after design professional, Amy has been featured on numerous podcasts, showcasing her expertise and insights on the many ways design can improve your daily life.

Through her approachable take on interior design, Amy fosters a sense of ease among her clients, allowing them to enjoy the design process knowing their voice is heard. Her collaborative method shines through in a varied portfolio of distinctive and timeless designs, echoing her lifelong dedication to creating soulful interior spaces.

Amy's passion is dedicated to designing soulful spaces that transcend mere aesthetics and reflect the essence of those who inhabit them. A soulful space, in her view, serves as a life-giving source of inspiration- nurturing its inhabitants while seamlessly supporting their lifestyle needs. Living in a soulful space will elevate the quality of your daily life.

Amy finds purpose in creating homes that not only serve as settings for lifelong memories but also enrich the lives of those who dwell within them.

True Colour Expert
Gold Award Winning Design

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