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amy pottenger interior designer

I know first hand what it’s like to be running a business while raising kids and cultivating a thriving marriage. It’s a lot.

It’s my mission to use my 15+ years of experience to create a lifeline for entrepreneurial mamas, helping them realize the homes of their dreams.

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amy pottenger interior designer

Hey friend, I’m Amy. Welcome to my blog, a place where you can feel at home, kick off your shoes, grab some coffee and just be yourself. While I’ve been in the design industry for more than 10 years, I haven’t really given blogging a fair shake and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do more. Not because I think this world needs more noise (it certainly doesn’t) but because I love to make my little corner of the world a more beautiful, positive place, and I love to show other people how to do that too! I hope you can find inspiration here for your home and life- advice, tips, trends and more- all in the realm of the practical, luxurious aesthetic that is Refresh Design.

What’s my vibe, you ask? Well, here are a few of my favorite things:

(1) Practical Luxury. Yes, I just mentioned that but – what does it MEAN? It means that you can have beautiful, well made items in your home- but they can also serve a purpose. To me, practical luxury is choosing your priorities in a space– where you feel like you should invest, and where you can save some money. Intentionality in design, not just throwing money at whatever the current “in” trend is. Practical luxury creates a home that has style longevity, that reflects who you are, and makes a place that you and your family and friends can enjoy for years to come- a good investment.

(2) Online design tools. I collaborate with my clients frequently by using Pinterest, Houzz and most recently Morpholio boards. I love the flexibility we have now to share ideas!

(3) A healthy mix of shopping online and also using local resources. I know how convenient it is to shop online (Hello Prime, I’m looking at you) and I do it frequently, because, LIFE- but I also value my local shops and resources. Supporting independent artists, local furniture stores and boutiques is important to me, so I’ll be sharing some of my local faves with you all.

(4) Design Psychology. My first major in college was Psychology, and while I couldn’t do it as a career, it still fascinates me. There is such a strong connection to who we are, how we want to feel and how we design our homes. How does home make you feel? How do you want it to make you and others feel when they’re in your home with you? I don’t design pottery barn catalog rooms. (You don’t need a designer to do that). I want to take who you are and what makes you feel at home and translate that into a tangible space. I want you to smile and feel refreshed when you walk in your door.

(5) Organized creativity. Wait, that’s a thing? Well- it’s a thing for me. Since I’m a creative I like to joke that I run around with “all the tabs open” in my brain. Because of that, I know I need some systems and organization to reign me in while I’m working on projects, whether for myself or for my clientele. I’m a firm believer that creativity can flourish when you have well placed systems to handle everything else. I’ll share some of my tips and tricks to stay organized while you’re designing your home!

(6) Momprenueurs. (mom + entrepreneur if you happen to not be familiar with that awesome term) I am one, and I love highlighting and promoting other momprenuers like me who make every minute count while loving their family, working in their calling and leading a full life.

(7) Using color well. I recently took the time this past spring to become a certified True Color Expert with Maria Killam (another great blog to follow!), and I’ll share with you some tips on how to make color do what you want.

(8) Realistic minimalism. The things you include in your space should have intention (have you ever heard the famous design quote about how everything should be “useful and/or beautiful”? I agree) I don’t like clutter, but I also have 2 kids and 2 dogs, so there’s that. (that’s where the realism creeps in. How can we still be intentional with the things in our space when we have other people in our household to consider? I hope to work through that here, too.)

(9) Authenticity. One of the initial things that turned me off to being an interior designer was the pretentiousness I noticed in the business, even while in design school. Totally not who I am. Why can’t we just drop the airs and come to terms with the fact that everyone would like to create a beautiful space and sometimes it comes from a $10,000 sofa, and sometimes not. Every client has different needs, and I love the challenge of meeting those needs whether it’s a DIY design consultation or a whole house new build with exclusive custom furniture.

Join me on the journey to live refreshed! Talk soon.

xo- Amy









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