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The Energy of Home


Do you ever feel like your house expresses your current state of mind? For example, in your life you feel like you’re only able to give 10% to 100 different things and it feels like you’re failing at all of them- and when you look around your home it’s the same situation- nothing feels “done”, everyone’s stuff is all over your desk, random dishes in the living room, socks on your bathroom counter… 

That chaos makes it hard to feel present in any one space because your mind is always somewhere else- when you’re working, you feel guilt because you’re not with your kids, when you’re with your kids you feel guilty for thinking about work. You feel like you can’t get a handle on any one thing- and you just want to do one thing right!

Art by Morgan Harper Nichols

If you feel like this, I am not going to tell you that you need to go shop for a whole new room of furniture to feel better. You’ve done that and it didn’t work (I’m looking at you, homegoods cart full of random home décor) More stuff is NOT the answer to this problem (in fact it often creates more problems). Then what is?

I want to share a quote with you that you might have heard before- “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” Say that again to yourself out loud. Oof. I don’t know who said it first, but when I heard it, it came from a business mentor, and once it was said, I couldn’t un-hear it. This gut-punch of a statement made me start to evaluate all areas of my life as I turned those words over and over in my brain- is that really true?

Stop right there- No beating yourself up or getting all judgy with yourself- This is NOT a call to relentless perfectionism or me telling you that “you have to fix everything in your life so you are enough” or “here busy mom, let me give you 50 more things to add to your list because you need some work” ABSOLUTELY NOT. You are enough already because you are YOU and that’s it.

What I’m talking about is improving your life FOR you, as a catalyst to move you in the direction of who you are designed to be, who you know you are, and toward the dreams written on your heart.

No one sets out in life thinking, yeah! I’m going to half ass everything that’s important to me, throw my health out the window and feel burnt out and exhausted all the time! I certainly didn’t. After having my babies and starting my business, it all kind of crept up until I couldn’t  handle it anymore and I knew something had to give.

Me when I had young kids (and a young business)! Image by Lisa Kae Ruff

For me, it was realizing that if I kept going the way I was- THAT was the effect of perfectionism- I was not changing things in my life to align better with who I want to be, because I could never get them “perfect”, so I continued to do nothing with the excuse of “I’ll exercise more when the kids are older” or “I’ll get rid of the basement clutter when we start that renovation” or “I’ll publish my online course when my in-person client load is less”…

I had forgotten the massive effect of small, deliberate, imperfect habits. Things like cleaning out my desk, one drawer at a time. 15 minute workouts at home instead of an hour long session at the gym. Blocking an hour on my schedule to work on my course. My all or nothing thinking was getting me- nothing!

This thought that “how I do one thing is how I do everything” especially lit a fire under me when the pandemic began two years ago right around this time. 

It was then that I began the arduous clean out and editing of my own house, not in pursuit of perfection, but in pursuit of a better life for myself and my family. I started working through why I had all this stuff in the first place and donating/organizing/throwing things away like I never had before. I had made a career out of creating beautiful homes for everyone else, while putting mine off for “later”.  

Me posing with some of our clean out from spring of 2020

The shift I felt from this home detox was real. It still is. My house detox left me feeling like 50 pounds of weight were off my shoulders and all I did at that time was create some empty space- breathing room in my house. This clean out was the beginning of cleaning out not only my home, but cleaning up my business structure, re-examining my health goals and looking at the close relationships in my life.

After I cleaned out my home office, working there feels different. It is easier to focus and work with more intention and purpose when I didn’t feel shoved in the corner of a room with everyone else’s clutter! And when things do get messed up, it’s faster to correct. My energy changed when I changed my home environment. I want this for you, too.

Did you know that your home is a tool that can help you:

  • Achieve your health goals
  • Realize your purpose + create wealth
  • Grow in Love for yourself and your partner
  • Meaningfully connect with those you care about most

By focusing on bringing positive change to your home environment, you’ll start a positive chain of events that spill out into all areas of your life. Because how you do one thing is how you do everything.

In light of this, I’ve created two opportunities for you this month where you can uncover what might be blocking you in your own home- the first is my upcoming FREE 3 day empowered home office challenge. Together we’ll uncover the blocks within your home office space that just might be holding back your productivity and growth in your business.

After the empowered home office challenge, you’ll have the chance to take your home office to the next level with our empowered home office course that takes a deeper dive into focusing on making your home office an environment that helps you reclaim your time, release what’s holding you back and uncover who you really are. 

How will YOUR empowered home support your dream life? I can’t wait to find out with you! ~Amy

p.s.- Want to work with me now? Schedule a design power session and we can tackle these issues together in a one on one session.

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