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I know first hand what it’s like to be running a business while raising kids and cultivating a thriving marriage. It’s a lot.

It’s my mission to use my 15+ years of experience to create a lifeline for entrepreneurial mamas, helping them realize the homes of their dreams.

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Smart Home Investments for Mompreneurs


Mompreneur life is full of blurred lines. Growing a business and raising a family happen at the same time, in the same place. Many of my clients want help setting up a multi-functional home that adequately supports their lifestyle and business. To create a space that maximizes productivity, organization, and enjoyment, I recommend starting with these three areas:

(1) Your Home Office Space. This, as they say, is where the magic happens. (or maybe as they said on old episodes of MTV Cribs…) I find so often that mom entrepreneurs put themselves (and their own workspaces) on the back-burner, thinking either they’ll get to it later or they’ll get to it when their business reaches __________ (fill in the blank with whatever milestone you wish). What you might not realize is that creating a life-giving, inspiring workspace can be the very fuel you need to go on and hit all the milestones on your list. When you have a functional place where you can do the focused work you need to do, minimizing the distractions, filled with colors and textures you love (instead of being stressed out by clutter/chaos/ugliness) it frees up mindspace you didn’t even know you were missing. (And if you haven’t grabbed it yet, here’s our free home office guide!)

(2) Your main living area. The place where everyone gathers, all the days. Your “living” room, where life actually happens. You’re in this space daily with your family, your partner, your pets, by yourself- so it’s worth investing in. This is the place you go to unwind and “be” after a long day- you need warm, comforting textures, cozy seating, soft pillows, a wall color you love. In terms of investment pieces, I would recommend putting your money in your seating pieces (such as sofa, loveseat, chairs) and getting the highest quality you can afford because you need comfort and durability (which can often mean upgrading your fabric choice too). It’s worth it.

(3) Your kitchen. Very much the heart of the home, this is where so many family memories are made and where everyone goes when they’re hungry! You need it to function well and look great too. When a space you’re in repeatedly isn’t functioning well or is painted in a color you hate- it’s a subtle, daily drag on your soul. The kitchen is often the center for doing homework, having friends over for dinner, hosting family holidays, weeknight dinners, and make-shift office space when more than 1 adult has to work from home (#2020). Don’t have the funds just yet to sink into a major kitchen reno? Start with organizing all. the. things. Organize every cabinet, pantry space, fridge- be ruthless and throw out or donate things you don’t use and use the space you have to the full. When you are ready for your reno, you’ll be so glad you already did this step and can design for what you actually want to use.

No matter where you choose to invest in your home, we’ve got you!

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