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Comfort + Joy for Mom Entrepreneurs: 5 gifts you can give yourself this season


Whether you’re already done with your holiday shopping or you save it all until the last second- none of that matters here. I created this gift list specifically with YOU in mind, as a mom entrepreneur, so I wanted to share some of my loves that I think you will love too. In other words, these are gifts you can give YOURSELF! These are things that will help you care for yourself, make your life easier, and add a little more joy to your days, even in this full time of the year. Enjoy!

For curling up with while you journal about all the wins from your past year (or if you just want to take a nap!): a soft, cozy throw blanket that’s also beautiful.

For journaling all the things in the New Year: I’m sure you’ve already heard the importance of journaling daily to clear your mind and help you reach your goals. I love the 8 x 10 size journals from Eccolo- plenty of space to write, cute cover options and lots of pages to fill!

When there’s nothing to wear, dang it: Have you tried a clothing subscription service yet? There are a few out there, and the only one I’ve tried personally is Stitch fix, but I’ve had a great experience (anyone who can find jeans that fit me over the inter webs is a style ninja in my opinion). I love it because it is one less thing I have to think about (#goals) and when you get a box it feels like a present every time! Also great is that you can choose when you receive your box so if you only want them seasonally, or every now and then you can specify that. (click the pic below if you want to use my discount code)

Rest easy in luxury sheets sent from Heaven: This next one is a splurge (at the time of this blog post they are still running their 30% off holiday sale!), but speaking from experience the splurge is well worth it. Cozy Earth bedsheets are probably one of my most favorite things I’ve purchased this year (thanks for putting them on your list repeatedly, Oprah!) Although I have to warn you once they go on your bed you won’t want to get out of it very quickly. Bed sheets might seem utilitarian but the quality of your bed linens can totally help your quality of sleep. And what better to invest in as a mom entrepreneur than SLEEP.

But, if luxury sheets aren’t happening for you this year- then focus on just GETTING MORE SLEEP/REST. That one is free and has a big ROI (return on investment). Yes, I find doing this challenging too but it IS do-able when you set your intentions and the boost in your health is 100% worth it. When your body is rested you are more creative, happier and healthier! Set whatever boundaries are needed so you can get the amount of sleep your body needs.

If you need an answer to “Mom, What’s for dinner???”: Confession time, cooking is not my favorite. Planning for meals weekly is even less my favorite. But I love family dinners together whenever possible, and eating healthy food is a priority around here. So instead of adding more things to my full to-do list, I decided to enlist a meal subscription service for our family a couple days a week. And I love it. There are a lot out there to choose from, but the one that fit our family best is Hello Fresh. You are still cooking, yes, but it’s fresh food and most recipes are easy + quick. Pick what sounds good from their list and DONE. The instructions are easy so you can even enlist the fam to help cook it. I modify a little because I’m gluten free but for me it hasn’t been an issue. Try it for a month or two and see if it lessens your stress load! (click the pic below if you want to use my discount code)

When you need some design advice, or you’re finally ready to tackle your DIY home office project: Hit me up because this is my JAM! At Refresh Design we offer our consulting service, called Design Power Sessions where you get one-on-one time with me over zoom to answer your burning design questions, help you prioritize and plan, and finally get the help you need to turn your home from frustration to inspiration.

If you’re looking for help that’s home office specific, then check out my No Hassle Home Office Solution course where you can steal all of my tips and tricks to create the home office space of your dreams, DIY style.

Okay, that was six things, not five if you’re counting! Wherever this holiday season takes you, I wish you a restful, fun-filled refreshing time with the people you love most, and the happiest + healthiest 2022! ~Amy

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