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Behind the Scenes: The Design Process


Undertaking a new build project or a large scale home reno on your own is nothing if not overwhelming. I often tell people that this will probably be the most concentrated amount of decisions you’ll make at one time. Large scale home projects can be fun, exciting + rewarding but and also stressful and full of heightened emotion, too. There are many, many details to keep track of (some of which you won’t even realize you had to select until they come up) and it can be tempting to focus on what’s immediately in front of you in the process instead of the keeping the overall design vision in mind. Once you’re in the woods with all the details it can sometimes be hard to see how things will work together. All of these things are why we have a design process to help keep things in check! Follow along with us as we take you through our design process here at RD.

The Discovery Call

This is the first step in the process when you’re gathering information and deciding what you need help with in your project. You may or may not have selected a builder/contractor to work with at this point. You might not be sure if you need design consulting services, or a more detailed full service design approach to your project. During our free 15 minute discovery call, we listen to you as you tell us about your upcoming project, and then offer our advice as to the service that will best suit your needs. Sound interesting? Schedule yours here!

The Design Power Session Consultation

Once we’ve chatted in the discovery call, the next step in our process is the design power session consultation (also known as the DPS!). The DPS is a focused session (with in person or online options) that lasts up to 2 hours. Depending on your location, we’ll either meet with you at your home or via an online video call and start to work through the details of your project. Before your session we’ll send you our style sheet questionnaire so we can get to know you better, and you’ll have the chance to send us some photos of the spaces you want help with in advance.

Whether you’re looking for design advice on a DIY project or ready for a full service design plan, this is the starting point for all of our projects.

The DPS consultation can work two ways, depending on your needs! Here’s how:

(1) Design Consultation DIY Option: If you’re looking for Design Ideas you want to implement on your own, you can book your DPS and get the practical guidance you’re looking for. We’ll give you specifics on how to prioritize your design projects, how to put your room together, and you’ll get the chance to ask your burning design questions. Some of our DIY clientele prefer to use our consultation services to kick start their projects and get them going in the right direction while they do the work or contract the work on their own.

(2) The Project Kick off Meeting: If you know you have a large scale project that needs a designer’s help on a bigger level, we’ll treat the DPS as step one in our comprehensive design process and kick off your project right! You’ll still get all the good stuff like practical guidance and direction, but this initial meeting is the first step in establishing your needs; desires & scope of work for your project.  We’ll discuss ideas + your investment amount to create a plan that will turn your dreams into reality. (And if you aren’t sure which type of consultation you’re looking for, schedule a discovery call with us and we’ll help you find the right fit!)

DPS sessions are great for:

  • Ideas + Vision! We bring fresh eyes to your project and can help you solve your design dilemmas.
  • Getting a complete, outlined scope of what you need for your project so you know what to get quoted by a contractor and establish your budget before you start construction
  • Help with paint selection + material selections like flooring, countertops, tile
  • Taking advantage of a “designer’s eye” to see your home in a new light and help you get unstuck
  • Advice on how to arrange your furniture + space planning for your home
  • Guidance on overall feel + design vision/flow
  • Help with finishing touches like art + styling

What you get from a DPS Session:

After your DPS session you’ll get:

  • The consultation summary .pdf our team will send you via email that outlines everything we talked about (so you don’t have to take notes unless you want to!)
  • Any applicable sketches (varies by consultation- these are not formal drawings but concept sketches to help illustrate the ideas we discuss)
  • Any pinterest board item links to help you with your project (varies by consultation)
  • If you choose an online session, you’ll also get the link of the recording from our call

After your DPS if you want the fun to continue, you can work with us through our design packages! The Design co-creation experience package, or our Full service experience package. Ready to get started and schedule your own DPS consultation

Our Design Packages

Full Service Experience: This is where we handle the details of the design- from drawings, including 3d walkthroughs, built in details, finishes (such as paint, flooring, countertops etc.), fixtures (plumbing, lighting, hardware) and furnishings down to the last details of styling + art and present you with a complete design plan + implementation. We work with you to ensure you avoid common costly mistakes and have a space that flows, functions & reflects you and your style!  

Design Co-Creation Experience: This new package fills a need for our clients who landed between our DPS consultations and full service design. This service is great for you if you already love design, know your style and like to source things on your own, but feel like you need a bit of extended design consulting help from a pro as you work through a project.

After your DPS consultation, we’ll take your scope of work and create a customized design proposal for you unique to your needs. You can take advantage of our expertise and knowledge, feeling confident knowing that you have us by your side to offer solid advice and answer questions relating to any design aspects of your project. Here are just some of the ways you can use your design time:

  • We can go with you to select materials or furnishings, or give you a second opinion on materials/furnishings you are considering for your space
  • We can review your floor plans for new builds, additions, or kitchen + bath renovations
  • Help with styling your home + finishing touches
  • The possibilities are endless!

Our Online Course Library

One more way to work with us is through our online course library! For a limited time, we currently offer a home office design specific course called “Empowered Home Office” and we are soon to be releasing the Empowered Home Experience, which is a 10 week self-guided journey that takes you through the most important areas in your home and helps you re-design them in a way that empowers your goals + dreams! This is where design development meets personal development- you’ll create an environment that aligns with the life you want and uses your home a catalyst to get there.

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