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Amy’s Podcast Picks: 2020 Edition

Coffee + Podcasts

So what you fill your mind with is important, yes? I know that you already know that, but don’t we all just need a good reminder every now and then? Well here it is: shut off the news + social media for a minute and plug in to something positive.

Listening to a good podcast is one of my favorite things to do if I need encouragement, a kick in the bootie to get going or just some positive vibes.

Here’s a list of 5 of my fave podcasts by incredible, uplifting women:

1. Design You Podcast, by Tobi Fairley

Tobi may be a well-known interior design expert, but this podcast is much more broad than just interior design. There is a ton of what I call “mindset gold” here that’s helped me so much I moved on to a deeper level of working with Tobi in her coaching program. Her goal is to help women creatives + entrepreneurs ditch the busy + burnout and say yes to health, wealth and joy. Yes please!

2. The Life Coach School Podcast, by Brooke Castillo

Please don’t write this one off because you’re not a life coach! Again, there is SO MUCH gold in this one too if you’re at all interested in how your thinking affects your life! (spoiler alert: Your thoughts TOTALLY affect everything in your life) Brooke is no-nonsense and full of practical tips on coaching yourself (or if you ARE a life coach, how to help your clients) achieve the results + life you’re after. Good stuff.

3. Cleaning up the Mental Mess, by Dr. Caroline Leaf

My first love was psychology and I am still obsessed with the topic and with the brain/thinking in general. This podcast is all about using your mind to create your best life and is full of practical tips on mental, emotional and physical health. Dr. Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist who knows her stuff but also knows how to convey it in a clear, concise way to the rest of us who aren’t neuroscientists!

4. Women + Money, by Suze Orman

Personal finance advice and tips for women from a known expert? I’m here for it. This podcast has tons of practical things to implement so you know you’re being smart with your financial resources. That’s important always but now more than ever.

5. The Enneagram Journey, by Suzanne Stabile

I am a total enneagram nerd, and Suzanne’s book (which she co-wrote with Ian Crohn) was the first one I read about it. I love the conversations she has on this podcast with her guests, and how it helps us all understand each other and value each other even with our differences.

Enjoy checking out these podcasts and these incredible women. You are worth uplifting your soul, my friend. Put in more positive and see how it effects your day today!

XO, Amy

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