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Create the home of your dreams while saving time & money with design plans that keep you organized.

Get an in-depth design plan of your space, illustrating the design vision with sketches, materials, finishes, color, furniture, accessories, and lighting selections.

You’re ready to re-do your home or build a new home, NOW WHAT? You’re overwhelmed at the prospect of a huge renovation or all those new build selections and know you need a plan to keep yourself organized.

If you want a designer to create a vision + detailed plan for you that you can then execute yourself or if you want to hire your own contractor/manage your own project to make it happen, then this Design Plan service was created just for you. Design plans save you both time and money by pre-selecting everything ahead of time, before the demo or construction starts, enabling you to avoid stress and costly mistakes while creating the home of your dreams!

What you get:

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A FREE 2-hour design power session ($597 value!) to begin your project

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Space plan, showing your new furnishings/materials

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Furnishing, material, artwork, lighting, accessory selections, with shopping list and pricing

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Wall color, trim color + ceiling color selection

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3-D color illustrations showing your new space (includes a minimum of 3 drawings)

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Access to all of the above in our private online studio

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Zoom video presentation of your project upon completion

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If necessary, one revision is included

Is this service right for you?



You want a designer to create a detailed plan for you that you can then execute yourself or hire your own contractor or manager your own project to make it happen.

Not so much...

You’re looking for a general design consultation or a complete full service design where we do the design and the purchasing.
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Design Plan


Once you book your design plan, you get A power packet to walk you through:
  • Our design process + what info we’ll need from you before our video call.
  • The style questionnaire so we  learn your goals for the space and know your lifestyle.
  • Taking a video of your space so we have a successful consultation.
  • Measuring your space and recording measurements.
  • Organizing ideas on Pinterest boards without getting overwhelmed.
  • Taking + sending before photos.
  • Determining an initial budget for your project.


We’ll have our 2-hour online video consultation where We’ll go through your power packet together and review your project through the Refresh Design framework and create a vision/scope of work for your space:

R- Renew. We’ll discuss what inspires you and what would make your home one that renews your soul each day. We’ll review Pinterest board inspirations and ideas about how to make those come to life.

E- Empower. We’ll look at your specific space to see what improvements can be made that will empower you in your work life to be at your best daily. If you’ve got “analysis paralysis” we’ll help you prioritize your home projects and make decisions to help you move forward.

F- Function. We’ll share our ideas for what needs to change in your space to make it optimized functionally. You can ask us specific questions about function-related problem areas in your space. We’ll talk about how traffic patterns and furniture layout is affecting everything, and what you can do to get the added function you need. This is also where we can talk about budget. We’ll help you decide where you should you invest and where should you save money in your project.

R- Re-Use/Re- Do. We’ll talk about any existing pieces in your current space that you want to incorporate, and help you decide what furniture items to keep and what needs to move on. We can address things like, what to do with an heirloom piece or how to use certain items you need to make work due to budget constraints, or how to use existing artwork with all new furniture.

E- Energy. We’ll discuss how the current space makes you feel, how you want it to make you feel and what to change to create that feeling.

S- Style. We’ll give you ideas about incorporating the style you want to reflect in your space, and if you’re stuck finding your personal design style we’ll help with that, too. We’ll offer ideas, suggestions, info and resources for material + paint colors, floor plans, furnishings, local trades. (Ideas + concepts only-no actual materials or furnishings selections are made - if you’re in need of specific selections for your home please check out our Design Power Sessions!)

H- Help. If you have any specific burning design questions we didn’t address previously for your space that you need to run by a pro, we’ll do that in this session too.


After your design power session, we’ll establish a timeline and get to work creating your plan, usually within 4 weeks, but each project will be evaluated individually.


When your plan is completed, we’ll meet and walk through the plan together in our online studio showing your completed design and a PDF all drawings and materials so you can refer back to it as you implement your project.


After your session, you get:
  • You’ll schedule a follow-up zoom call to address any questions, and if necessary, revisions will be provided at this time.
  • Have more questions or need more? Check out our Full-Service Design options to take your projects to the next level!

Design to fuel your home & life

“I loved receiving access to detailed floor plans that included links to purchasing items. So simple and easy! I revisit the information frequently.

My biggest challenge was trying to see the big picture of a home that was not complete. And also understanding floor plans, measurements, and appropriate furniture arrangement. It was very stressful for me as I tend to second guess all my purchases and choices! I knew Amy would take all items into consideration and she absolutely had great suggestions. I have worked with Amy on two separate homes, and would not use anyone else!”

- Diane Bauman

“Amy's work ensured that our open concept floor plan would be complimentary in terms of colors and styles even if it wasn't all completed at the same time. We have referred back to our binder often!

We enjoyed working with Refresh Design very much! Following our consultation, we received a comprehensive and easy to use binder of detailed plans (including flooring, paint and counter surface samples) for our remodel project. It was prepared so that we could use it at our own pace, as we were able to tackle each room of our home. I highly recommend contacting Refresh Design if you are considering a small room redo or a complete home remodel. You won't be disappointed.”

- April Petersen