Design Services

Hourly Design Services

We come to you and answer your design questions. Need help picking paint colors? Arranging furniture in a tricky room? Can't decide which chair is best in the room? Our hourly design consulting can save you time and headache. One hour minimum. Contact us for our hourly rate.

Design Plan

Are you looking for a design "roadmap"? Our design plans cater to those who are hiring out contractors for their project or plan to do some work on their own. We create a complete top-to-bottom design plan for your space all put together in a digital presentation.


Digital presentation includes:

  • We come to your space, interview you and take before photos and measurements
  • You fill out a style questionnaire so we can learn your preferences, taste and budget
  • Selection of furnishings, finishes and materials (includes paint color palette for the room)
  • Selection of artwork, accessories and lighting
  • Digital drawings of floor plan, perspective drawing and detail drawings as necessary